Healed into greatness.

After years of hatred I have come to ask for forgiveness,

Forgive me for all the times I made you go to bed hungry,

the times you couldn’t hold yourself up and fell on the floor unconscious,

forgive me, for the scars I made so deep that they will always show,

and the ones that weren’t as deep, too.

Forgive me for hitting you against the wall until you bruised and bled,

putting you in front of a mirror and pointing out one by one the things that should change about yourself,

for giving you too many pills far too many times,

not taking care of you when you were sick,

for making you sick,

and not listening to you when it got so bad, the sickness started evolving.

Forgive me, for treating you as if you weren’t the only one I had,

as if you weren’t as beautiful as any other.

Forgive me, for not understanding until now that every piece of you in a key part of something greater, that my body is my home, and I should’ve treated you with all the love and care that you’ve so long missed.

Healed into greatness.


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